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Today, I offer you the shortcut‚ÄĒsomething that was beyond my grasp two decades ago. Alongside¬†numerous others, we've paved the way, and now,¬† you can easily follow in our footsteps.

Leap to 2004, Emergency Room, Korneuburg Hospital, Lower Austria: The entire medical team gathered there, preparing to send me home with antihistamines, cortisone creams, and a stack of pills. I stood my ground and firmly told the doctors to put me in a chair immediately, administering intravenous cortisone on both sides. I was teetering on the edge of collapse. The outbreaks were ravaging, my abdominal pain unbearable, and lying down was agony as my lower back throbbed from the inflammation in my gut. My prostate ached, burdened by microbes due to the failing gut barrier, igniting inflammation. I had gathered enough experience to know that slathering cortisone creams or ingesting pills at this stage was futile. Collapse was imminent. Leaving the hospital wasn't an option until they pumped me full of cortisone intravenously, whether they liked it or not. And so it transpired. Half an hour later, I sat beside my beloved Katharina, with a catheter in my arm.

I was aware of the side effects and the peculiar feeling that cortisone brings, and I knew that the subtle energetic and psychological effects would linger for weeks. Yet, I embraced it all in exchange for relief from the agony, for an escape from the deadlock in which I was trapped.

I've battled these symptoms throughout my life:

  • Severe rashes on hands, feet, and face.
  • Agonizing rashes covering my entire body.
  • Oozing, itching patches and eczema that never ceased.
  • A severe pollen allergy from April to September.
  • Lactose intolerance.
  • Beta 1 (A1) casein (cow milk protein) intolerance.
  • Fructose malabsorption.
  • Intense histamine intolerance.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Leaky gut.
  • Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
  • Allergy to dog hair.
  • Nickel contact allergy.¬†
  • At times, I wondered if I might be allergic to water.

It all began around the age of 2 or 3, the skin on my toes shedding, accompanied by excruciating itchiness. Medication involved salves and cold compresses. I yearned to run barefoot, to feel the earth beneath my feet, but I was denied, despite the sweltering heat. Later, the palms of my hands and my fingers joined in, often bandaged to prevent scratching. This made playing with other children difficult and painful, as they mocked me. I'd cry and seek solace with my mother.

Most family vacations were cut short due to the severity of my condition. No doctor seemed capable of offering relief.

School brought no respite. Outings and skiing trips had to be abandoned. The rashes spread, leaving me without help on location. Nobody knew how to address these outbreaks. It was a harrowing period.

I recall red blotches covering my body. I remember wearing white gloves to stop myself from scratching, and I endured constant torment from itching.

I remember feeling that something was wrong with me, something fundamental. I felt excluded, like an outcast, not just by other children but even within my family.

From my current perspective, it's clear what was happening, but at the time, it was hell.

The shame and pain were unbearable. At age 7, I stood on the balcony and told my mother, "I want to play with the other children too." Allergy season was in full swing, and leaving the house meant constant sneezing and a rash in my palate. Going outside was pure torture. Visits to friends were complicated due to my inability to tolerate half of the foods offered.

Back then, I decided to end this suffering. Firmly convinced, I told my mother that I'd had enough and that I would heal myself.

By 17, things hadn't improved. With more experience, I realized this was a program, a conditioning and identity I had taken on. I sensed there was another part of me.

The decision that this wasn't who I truly was grew stronger. As a teenager, I was already aware that I would heal and show others how to do it.

It took another 20+ years until I achieved it, completely healing myself of eczema, IBS, leaky gut, lactose and fructose malabsorption, histamine intolerance, pollen allergies, dog hair allergy, and nickel contact allergy. None of it remains today. A few years ago, I noticed that not even nickel belt buckles or trouser buttons triggered reactions on my skin. Everything is as it should be... I am fully alive. At 42 years old. It took nearly 25 years from the moment I made the decision until I unraveled the mystery completely. I took every possible wrong turn, explored every dead end, tried every therapy, medication, spiritual and alternative method, traveled around the world ten times over, exposed myself to the harshest conditions, meditated, and sought out healers, doctors, and wise individuals who could help. Only towards the end did I realize how to piece together the puzzle so that an identity emerged completely free of allergies.

Transformation starts where most people stop,

yet this is where the magic happens.‚Äč

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Beginners mind, over and over again. Its a delicate balance between intention and surrender, between diligent practice and divine intervention

To some degree many of us human beings carry a believe that there would be something fundamentally wrong with us.  And we go to great measures trying to hide that. Hide that from the world and often times even from ourselves. 

We only show a part of ourselves, because if we really showed all of who we are, we are afraid people would'nt love us any more.  We are ashamed of some aspects of ourselves.  We cover them up with audacious goals, high achievements, success, fame, money, things, mindfulness, 5D-creation, meditation, ... the list goes on.

And yet, these aspects  exist. Once we allow ourselves looking at them we eventually discover that they are nothing but a lie. Just another story we tell ourselves. Just another story we use to hypnotize  ourselves into an Identity.

Who would you be without your story? 

Dr med. univ. Calipso Reif Proell

During my early years, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, coupled with what they referred to as "genetic" iron deficiency. This condition burdened me with stomach and intestional troubles, leading to weight gain and the emergence of food intolerances. The prognosis I received was that there was no cure.

My own journey to heal my affliction and extend that to others is the very motivation that drove me to become a doctor.

Sadly, conventional medicine presented no answers for my struggles. I departed from my role at the hospital I served and turned to mind-over-matter techniques, meditation, nutritional medicine, and orthomeecular therapies for assistance.

I delved into an array of diets, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the intricacies of silent inflammation, and the transformative power of meditation on the brain, nervous system, psyche, body, and overall well-being. It came to light that I grappled with a genetic iron deficiency, a systematic candida infection, and severe deficits in minerals and trace elements.

After a year of disciplined dietary choices, meditation and working on my subtle energy my blood levels stabilized, and the label of 'irritable bowel syndrome' shifted to "likely never existed", as further evidence vanished. Following my own successful journey of healing, I extended this knowledge to my patients.



The diet plans, mind over matter techniques, meditations and hypnotherapy embedded in our program are meticulously designed to fortify health and foster recovery, with a specific emphasis on nurturing the microbiome.

My unceasing fascination with the true origins of illness has consistently led me to true origins of illness has constantly led me to the doors of dysregulated nervous systems and emotional barriers.

Within my practice, I assist individuals in pinpointing the underlying triggers of their symptoms, propelling them onto the pathway of healing as swiftly as possible. For me, the most gratifying aspect is lending support to those ready to metamorphose and mend themselves, surpassing their perceived limitations. Witnessing their faith in their inner healing abilities and the potency of their minds brings immense fulfillment. I stand by their side, offering my full expertise alongside contemporary diagnostic methods and medical advancements. However, the process of healing remains an individual journey, ultimately carried out by each unique soul.

Hello, my name is Don

Blockages that have been embedded in the subconscious for decades can manifest as chronic physical imbalance and allergies. As a part of the MEP team, my role involves delving into the realm of the subconscious to assist you in uncovering these blockages and help to rebalance your nervous system.

My work is rooted in body wisdom and the innate potential for self-healing.I have spent over twenty years delving into various healing modalities and personal growth methods. Along this path, I've been fortunate to have several great mentors who supported my journey. My initial hypnotherapy experience was a revelation, unveiling profound healing. This encounter inspired me to pursue a career in hypnotherapy.

Through this journey, I've conquered numerous personal challenges. Hypnotherapy shed light on the depth of these issues, their origins unearthed and transformed. Now, armed with this understanding, I guide others through their personal healing expeditions, fostering growth and expansion. It's essential to differentiate hypnotherapy from 'show hypnosis'; they are distinct realms. My credentials include certification as a Hypnotherapist and multiple energy healing certifications.