Oliver's Credentials

Until 2020, I was part of the leadership team of researcher, therapist and bestselling author
Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I had the opportunity to serve at many retreats and assist people from all over the world on their journey of healing and transformation.

I learned the art of Hypnotherapy with MHT Paul Aurand.

I studied transpersonal psychology, cellular transformation and the art of listening to a language of Energy with Jennifer Millar

 I feel extremely privileged to be granted access to the teachings of Traktung Khepa , a modern day sage and Yogi whose teachings are rooted in the ancient traditions of Vajrayana Tantra.
(2017 - ongoing)

I studied systemic Psychology with Reinhold Wildner 

5 Elements Yoga and Anahata Yoga with Master teacher Peter Clifford. ( RYT 500 h )

Cosmic Cobra breath with Master teacher Jeffrey Boehme.

Healing Arts of Shaolin Qui Gong with  Master Shi de Lon, Master Zhang Xiao Ping and Master Wang Dongfeng.

I am licensed in Hypnotherapy, Integral leadership coaching, Mental Training, Nutrition coaching, Ba duan Jin Qui Gong and Anahata Yoga. 

Currently I am studying Clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology at KPNI.

My field of experience and knowledge draws on elements from Neuroscience, Transpersonal Psychology, Systemic Psychology, Somatic Practicing, Cellular Transformation (CT), NLP, Epigenetics, Mental Training, Hypnosis, Meditation, Kinesiology, Holistic Nutrition, Fasting and ancient Yogic principles.

I hold a post-graduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Applied Science Vienna, have worked as a sound engineer in post production, as a researcher at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) , and am founder of 2 companies (consulting engineering).